June Theme

For June, I have a few different goals and themes that I'm going to include in this post. 
Firstly, I have decided to make this month's theme summer reading. This will probably include some of Goodreads recommendations for summer reading, as I have been looking through them and I am interested in a few. Additionally, I have a few books that I am interested in after reading the reviews on a few different blogs. Finally, I am also going to read books that I have on my TBR shelf. 
I will also be including some LGBT reads for this month as well, although I'm not yet sure what they will be. I will be looking through recommendations for those. 
I am going to make a TBR post in a few days to show what books I want to read in June, and the post might include some books that are just reads for the whole summer. 
I also have a new goal regarding my book reviews. My book reviews have been steadily increasing in length over the past month, but my average is still only between 300-350…

Graphic Novels Sundays - Batman Earth One, Volume 1 Review

For this Graphic Novels Sunday, I went back and reread a graphic novel that I really liked. I did this so I could write a relevant review for it and I found that it was still a really good book!
4 Stars

This is one of my favorite retellings of Batman's origin story. It follows the traditional story of Bruce Wayne's parents' deaths, and then goes on to tell about how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. Batman wants to discover his parents' killers, and wants vengeance against them. The plot is different from the traditional Batman story, he struggles more in this novel, and faces more difficulties. I think that was a better characterization of Batman, it gave him more personality. Alfred's personality is a bit different as well, he's a harsher character. Batgirl is also included in the novel, she's shown in scenes with her father, Gordon. Towards the end of the novel she decides to be Batgirl, although she doesn't act in this novel I liked how she was included in …

May Wrap-Up

I have read 26 books this month, which I think is a decent amount, although it is less than the number of books I read last month. In the beginning of the month I decided to read more historical nonfiction this month, and I have read 10 books of that genre, which is about 38% of the books I have read this month. I'm pretty happy with that number, as some of those books were around 600 pages.
Something else that has improved this month (even though I didn't plan this) is that my review have become longer. In April, my reviews were rather short, only between 200-250 words. Now my reviews are about 350 words, which is much better. In June, I have some new goals for this, which I'll talk about in my June Theme post. 
Now, here are my 3 best books of the month. (In no particular order) Also, I would like to note that I did rate Heidi 5 stars, but the best books of the month have to be new reads. 

Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera  4 Stars
I really loved this book (I have a review…

Fingersmith Review

4 Stars

Initially after reading this book, I wasn't sure if I would give it 3 or 4 stars. However, after thinking about it, I gave it 4 stars, which I will explain further later in the review. This novel is about Sue, an orphan girl who lives in a poorer part of London with a woman named Mrs. Sucksby and a few other people. A man known to her named Gentleman offers her a deal that if she becomes a maid for a lady named Maud, and helps convince Maud to marry Gentleman, Sue will receive part of her fortune, and Maud will be sent to an asylum. Sue agrees, and the story begins. I liked the plot of the novel, I thought it was really interesting. However, the author went into a bit too much detail at times, which made the novel slightly long and boring at times. I did love the historical aspect of the novel, it really felt like Victorian England, even with the way the characters spoke and behaved. The novel initially tells the story from the point of view of Sue, but then goes back and…

Clap When You Land Review

4 Stars

I was skeptical about this novel, but I really liked this one! This tells of the story of two sisters, one named Camino who lives in the Dominican Republic, and the other Yahaira who lives in New York City. Neither of them knows about the other one, and their father dies in a plane crash, which ends up uniting them. I wasn't sure I would like this novel, because while I did love this author's first novel, Poet X; I didn't like With the Fire on High nearly as much. I thought this novel is more similar to the type of novel that Poet X is. This novel is written in free verse, which I think is this author's strong point, as it is moving and well-written. The plot itself is interesting, and the emotions of the sisters learning about their father's double life was well-shown, which is a benefit of the free verse. It also adequately displayed the complex emotions of grief and guilt they both had. The only thing I would have wanted to be different, was that I thoug…

Juliet Takes a Breath Review

4 Stars 

This is a great, thought provoking novel that I would highly recommend! It tells the story of Juliet, a Puerto Rican girl who is from the Bronx. She is going to Portland, Oregon to spend the summer helping a hippie author, Harlowe, whose book on feminism she loves. Before she leaves for the summer, she comes out to her family as gay, and reveals to them that she has a girlfriend. I honestly really loved this book. Juliet is such a real and three-dimensional character; whose struggles are often relatable. Many of the other characters are excellent as well, even those with whom it was difficult to sympathize with. Juliet's mother is one such character, as she struggles to accept her daughter's sexuality, but she does ultimately understand her daughter. Another character I loved was Juliet's cousin Ana, who was free thinking, fun, and helped Juliet when she was struggling.  This novel is mainly about Juliet's self-discovery, which she does a lot of in Portland, …

Graphic Novels Sundays - Recommendations

This is a new type of post that I'm going to be posting every Sunday, like the title indicates. I love graphic novels, and I've noticed that in the month that I have been doing this blog that I haven't done any posts on them. These posts are going to be reviews, discussions, recommends, and etc, but solely on graphic novels. In saying graphic novel, I also include comic books, like Batman comics or Black Widow comics. However, for those comics, I only do those that have been published into full length volume editions. Anyway, I hope these will be fun and interesting posts! Today, I'm going to start with some recommendations of enjoyable graphic novels. Additionally, I want to add that, as always, I only recommend novels that I rated 4 stars or above. 

1. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi, Mattias Ripa (Translator) 4 Stars
This is the story of a girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. It is a true story written about the author's exp…